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Public Health and Community Medicine

Ottawa Public Health and Community Medicine

  • Orientation to the role of the Associate/Medical Officer of Health and Community Medicine Specialists       
  • Sexual Health and Harm Reduction
  • Environment Health (Food Safety, Health, Health Hazard, Safe Water)
  • Safe food handling course for food handlers, etc.
  • Reproductive Health Program Prenatal Classes
  • Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program (Post-partum home visits, Well Baby Drop ins)
  • Early Years Program (e.g. Parenting sessions)
  • Ottawa Public Health Info Line
  • Drop-in center or shelter frequented by the homeless, accompanying a Public Health Nurse from Ottawa Public Health
  • Dental inspection in school or Ottawa Public Health Dental Clinics
  • School Health Programs
  • Seniors Health and Caregiver Support
  • Santé des francophones
  • Tobacco Use Prevention
  • Injury Prevention and Substance Misuse
  • Chronic Disease Detection and Screening
  • Nutrition
  • Multicultural Health
  • Rural Health
  • Physical Activity
  • Health Emergency Planning
  • Communicable Disease Control and Outbreak Management
  • Vaccine Preventable Disease (Immunization program, school and community immunization clinics)

Note : Apply at least 3 months in advance; Priority given to 3 rd/4 th year students. Students must meet pre-clinical requirements (immunization, police record check, CPR, MTCU form) to be eligible for placements.



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