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Major Research Initiatives

This multi-disciplinary basic and translational  research centre,  focused on identifying new drug targets and creating natural product-based small molecule drug leads for a number of diseases and biological processes. Biopharmaceutical discovery and development will be core to the healthcare system within the next decade. Our objective is to accelerate the discovery of commercially viable small molecules that have a clear biological activity, i.e. that can inhibit or accelerate biological processes. Important fields such as biopharmaceuticals, medical screening/diagnostic technologies and nutraceuticals  represent core competencies of the CRBB.

A number of past research initiatives took place:

Global Network for Brain Reconstruction

Global Network for Brain Reconstruction

The Global Network integrates advanced biochip-based devices and cellular techniques as platforms for exploration of the damaged brain.  The goal is to identify targets for neurotherapeutics and provide value added opportunities for diagnostic/ screening technologies.

Neurochip Developement Initiative

Neurochip Developement Initiative

NDI: This Canada-Germany initiative is a partnership of four German biotechnology companies and the Neurochip Laboratory at the University of Düsseldorf. On the Canadian side, the partnership comprises the Ottawa based QBM Cell Science, a biotechnology company that produces cryopreserved rodent brain and spinal cord neurons, the CRBB and four Institutes of the National Research Council of Canada.

The central objective of the NDI is to focus complementary and synergistic technologies/expertise on producing high quality Multi Electrode Array (MEA) recording systems for use with neurons. The MEA-based neurochip revolutionizes the functional assays of compounds, agents and biomarkers, becoming a commonplace tool for drug screening and medical diagnosis in R&D laboratories in academia, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and government regulatory agencies. The NDI  provides expanded opportunities for student and collaborative projects that supports workforce development in biotechnology with emphasis on such areas as biocomputing, biodevices, bioengineering and biopharmaceutics.

Canadian ICC Research Network

Canadian ICC Research Network

This initiative is an inter-university/inter-hospital network for the study of Interstitial Cells of Cajal signalling and control of GI motility. A major  aim is to understand and predict GI pathophysiology & symptomatology, suggest the most appropriate treatment and develop therapeutic targets for small molecules.  This multi-centre network based in the CRBB has been established to consolidate and advance the work of CRBB  and other researchers, including paediatric surgeons and research fellows, and pathologists in the study of Interstitial Cells of Cajal in human health and disease.

Canada-Argentina, Collaboration: Over the past 4 years, Paediatric surgeons from the Universidad Catolica de Cordoba have undertaken a key role in these studies in Ottawa linked  with basic and clinical research teams at other  Network sites (Hamilton, Montreal, Toronto, Kingston and Winnipeg). This has formed the basis for a collaborative Research Agreement between the University of Ottawa and the Universidad Catolica de Cordoba. This Agreement  enhances the strong cultural and academic relations between Canada and Argentina. The more long-term strategy of the CRBB based collaboration is to promote broader international collaboration and translational research. 

BIOMECanada - Biofilms in Medicine and the Environment

BIOMECanada - Biofilms in Medicine and the Environment; Biofilms dans la médecine et l'environnement

BIOMECanada represents an exciting step for the CRBB, where we have partnered with the Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology (CREM) to form the base for a major and novel initiative focused on advanced research and training in BIOFILMS in Medicine and the Environment.

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