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About Centre for Research in Biopharmaceuticals and Biotechnology (CRBB)

The CRBB is a multi-disciplinary basic and translational uOttawa research centre strategically linked to the broader Ottawa research community, including the Ottawa Hospital, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, the National Research Council, Health Canada, and the local industrial sector. The centre also has representation from other research and academic institutions in Canada.

uOttawa has redefined its research for the 21st century by identifying strategic areas for research development. A cornerstone mandate for research and education is the Centre for Research in Biopharmaceuticals and Biotechnology and Biotechnology (CRBB ) which began its operations in 2001. We are dedicated to developing unique multi-disciplinary basic and translational R&D projects of international quality.

The CRBB which includes over 50 researchers has a unique team of pioneers in their fields encompassing diverse disciplines, including medicinal and synthetic organic chemistry, botany, molecular and immunological sciences, structural genomics and proteomics, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics as well as investigators in health and environmental sciences, and others. The CRBB is associated with the unique and highly popular undergraduate program in biopharmaceutical sciences (BPS) in collaboration with the Faculty of Science.

The CRBB is actively seeking research partnerships both nationally and internationally. Projects currently underway or else planned represent significant research opportunities to undertake bench to bedside studies and to innovate in commercially-significant areas. These projects also afford opportunity to readily collaborate with major industry partners in the bio-pharma sector. Basic research within the CRBB applicable to biopharmaceutical applications is broadly based with the capability to take discoveries from the laboratory through to the clinic. CRRB research projects use a 'phased' biopharmaceutical approach to identify and structurally characterize new drug targets and to create small molecule anti-target leads through unique chemical synthesis methods or natural product characterization.

The CRBB has undertaken the development of a number of research initiatives, including:

  1. The Global Network for Brain Reconstruction;
  2. The Neurochip Development Initiative;
  3. The study of the Interstitial Cell signalling (Canadian ICC Research Network); and
  4. Biofilms in Medicine and the Environment (BIOME Canada).
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