Bernard J. Jasmin, Ph.D.

Professor and Vice-Dean of Research



Ph.D. - Université de Montréal (1989)
B.Ed. - McGill University (1983)

Contact info:

RGN, 451 Smyth Road, Rm. 3153, Ottawa ON K1H 8M5
Phone: 562-5800 x88383

Research Interests:

I am interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the assembly, maintenance and plasticity of synapses. In this context, the vertebrate neuromuscular synapse provides an ideal system with which to decipher the basic mechanisms underlying synaptogenesis, trans-synaptic regulation and cell-cell interactions. Studies in the laboratory focus particularly on: i) the molecular signals involved in the regulation of genes encoding synaptic proteins; ii) the role of cytoskeletal elements in the organization of distinct membrane and cytoplasmic domains; and iii) the plasticity of these cellular and molecular events throughout development and in the adult. To address these issues, several in vivo models leading to acute and chronic alterations in the levels of neuromuscular activation are used as well as in vitro systems involving cultures of muscle cells subjected to various experimental treatments. Molecular biological techniques such as genomic cloning, nuclear run-on, gel-shift assays, in situ hybridization, quantitative RT-PCR at the single cell level, as well as antisense and transgenic technologies are routinely used. These experiments are complemented by cell biological techniques that include immunocytochemical, histochemical and biochemical assays. In addition, we have recently begun to examine the regulation of synaptic proteins in neurons in attempts to determine whether the same regulatory mechanisms operate in different cell types.

Selected Publications

Ljubicic, V., Miura, P., Burt, M., Lunde, J.A., Boudreau, L., Khogali, S., Lunde, J.A., Renaud, J.-M. and Jasmin, B.J.  Chronic activation of AMPK evokes the slow, oxidative myogenic program and triggers beneficial adaptations in mdx mouse skeletal muscle.  Hum. Mol. Genet., in press, 2011. 

Clow, C. and Jasmin, B.J.  Skeletal muscle-derived BDNF regulates satellite cell proliferation and skeletal muscle regeneration in vivo.  Mol. Biol. Cell, 21: 2182-2190, 2010

Beauchamp, P., van der Griessen, K., Nassif, C., von Rotz, Hillock, S., Jasmin, B.J. and Gallouzi, I.  Cleavage of HuR interferes with its transportin-2 mediated nuclear import and promotes muscle fiber differentiation. Cell Death and Differentiation, 17: 1588-1599, 2010. 

Miura, P., Coriati, A., Bélanger, G., Lee, J., Kothary, R., Holcik, M. and Jasmin, B.J.  The utrophin A 5'UTR interacts with eEF1A2 and drives expression of cap-independent translation exclusively in skeletal muscle.  Hum. Mol. Genetics, 19: 1211-1220, 2010.   

Corinaldi, J., Nasrallah, R., Clark, J., Paris, G., Miura, P., Jasmin, B.J. and Hebert, R.L.  Troglitazone induces extracellular matrix and cytoskeleton remodelling in the M1 cortical collecting duct cell line.  Am. J. Physiol. (Renal), in press, 2010.

Chopard, A., Hillock, S. and Jasmin, B.J.  Molecular events and signalling pathways involved in skeletal muscle-disused atrophy and the impact of coutermeasures.  J. Cell. Mol. Med., 13: 3032-3050, 2009.                                                                                                            

Miura, P., Chakkalakal, J., Belanger, G., Tremblay, L., Hebert, R.L., Renaud, J.M. and Jasmin B.J.  Treatment of mdx mice with PPARdelta agonists increase utrophin A expression and alleviate the dystrophic pathology.  Hum. Mol. Genetics, 18: 4640-4649, 2009.

Chopard, A. Lecunff, M., Danger, R., Lamirault, G., Jasmin, B.J., Marini, J.F. and Leger, J.J.  Large scale mRNA analysis of woman skeletal muscles during 60 days of bedrest with and without exercise and protein supplementation as countermeasures.  Physiol. Genomics, 38: 291-302, 2009.

Miura, P., Andrews, M., Holcik, M. and Jasmin, B.J.  Glucocorticoid treatment of skeletal muscle cells activates the utrophin A IRES.  PLoS ONE, 3(6): e2309, 2008.

Xu, J.,  Chou, A., Bélanger, G., Radziuk, J., Jasmin, B. J., Miki, T., Seino, S., and Renaud, J.-M.  K+ATP channel-deficient pancreatic cells are streptozotocin-resistant due to lower GLUT2 activity.  Am. J. Physiol. (Endocrinol. Meta.), 294(2):E326-35, 2008.

Chakkalakal, J.V., Miura, P., Michel, R.N. and Jasmin, B.J.  Modulation of utrophin A mRNA stability in fast vs slow skeletal muscles via an AU-rich element and calcineurin signalling.  Nucleic Acid Res., 36: 826-838, 2008.

Perkins, K.J., Basu, U., Budak, M.T., Ketterer, C., Baby, S.M., Lozynska, O., Lunde, J.A., Jasmin, B.J., Rubinstein, N.A. and Khurana, T.S.  ERF Silences Extrasynaptic Utrophin by N-Box-mediated Repression in Skeletal Muscle.  Mol. Biol. Cell, 18: 2864-2872, 2007.

Michel, R.N., Chin, E.R., Chakkalakal, J.V., Eibl, J.K and Jasmin, B.J.  Ca2+/Calmodulin-based signalling in the regulation of the muscle fibre phenotype and its therapeutic potential via modulation of utrophin and myostatin expression.  Appl. Physiol. Nutr. Metab., 32: 921-929, 2007.

Deschenes-Furry, J.L., Mousavi, K., Bolognani, F., Neve, R.L., Parks, R.J., Perrone-Bizzozero, N. and Jasmin, B.J.  The RNA-binding protein HuD binds to AChE mRNA in neurons and regulates its expression following axotomy.  J. Neurosci., 27: 665-675, 2007.

Chakkalakal, J.V., Michel, S.A., Chin, E., Michel, R.N., and Jasmin, B.J.  Targeted inhibition of calcium/calmodulin signaling exacerbates the dystrophic phenotype in mdx mouse muscle.  Hum. Mol. Genet., 15: 1423-1435, 2006.

Deschênes-Furry, J., Perrone-Bizzozero, N. and Jasmin, B.J.  The RNA-binding protein HuD: A master regulator of neuronal differentiation, maintenance and plasticity.  BioEssays, 28: 822-833, 2006.

Mousavi, K., and Jasmin, B.J.  BDNF is expressed in skeletal muscle satellite cells and inhibits myogenic differentiation.  J. Neurosci., 26: 5739-5749, 2006.

Miura, P., and Jasmin, B.J.   Upregulation of utrophin as a therapy for treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy:  How close are we?  Trends Mol. Med., 12(3):122-9, 2006.

Bolognani, F., Tanner, D.C., Deschenes-Furry, J., Jasmin, B.J. and Perrone-Bizzozero.  In vivo postranscriptional regulation of GAP-43 mRNA by overexpression of the RNA-binding protein HuD.  J. Neurochem., 96: 790-801, 2006.

Deschenes-Furry, J., Angus, L.M., Belanger, G., Mwanjewe, J., and Jasmin, B.J.   Role of ELAV-like RNA-binding proteins HuD and HuR in the post-transcriptional regulation of acetylcholinesterase in neurons and skeletal muscle cells.  Chem. Biol. Interact., 157: 43-49, 2005.

Angus, L.M., Chakkalakal, J.V., Harrison, M.-A., Mejat, A., Megeney, L.A., Schaeffer, L., Michel, R.N., and Jasmin, B.J.  Calcineurin/NFAT signalling, together with GABP and PGC-1, drives synaptic expression of the utrophin gene in skeletal muscle.  Am. J. Physiol. (Cell Physiol.), 289: C908-C917, 2005.

Miura, P, Thompson, J., Chakkalakal, J.V., Holcik, M. and Jasmin, B.J.  The utrophin A 5'UTR confers IRES-mediated translational control during regeneration of skeletal muscle fibers.  J. Biol. Chem., 280: 32997-33005, 2005.

Stocksley, M.A., Chakkalakal, J.V., Bradford, A., Miura, P., De Repentigny, Y., Kothary, R. And Jasmin, B.J.  A 1.3 kb promoter fragment confers spatial and temporal pattern of expression to utrophin A ion skeletal muscle.  Neuromusc. Dis., 15: 437-449, 2005.

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St-Pierre, S.J.G., Chakkalakal, J.V., Kolodziejczyk, S.M., Knudson, J.C., Jasmin, B.J., and Megeney, L.A. Deflazacort treatment alleviates the dystrophic myofiber pathology by activating a calcineurin/NF-AT pathway. FASEB J., 18: 1937-1939, 2004.

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