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$1.8 million dollar CIHR award for training in Neurolipidomics

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With the support of the Canadian Institute of Health Research Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research funding, we (Dr Steffany Bennett, Daniel Figeys, John Arnason, John Baenziger, Kristin Baetz, David Bickel, Sandra Black, Jean-François Couture, Stephen Fai, Paul Fraser, Krista Lanctot, Claude Messier, David Park, Michael Schlossmacher, Ruth Slack, Anurag Tandon, John Woulfe, Zemin Yao) have come together as an interdisciplinary team made of 18 principal investigators to ask “Is a healthy mind metabolically determined?”  Our 18 core mentors span nine different disciplines (Neuroscience, Systems Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Architecture, Structural Biology, Behavioural Psychology, Biostatistics, Neurology), four different faculties (Medicine, Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences), and five different institutions (uOttawa, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, uToronto, Sunnybrook Health Centre, and Carleton University). 

We represent analytical chemists, architects, biostatisticians, cell biologists, ethnopharmacologists, lipid biochemists, neurobiologists, neurologists, neuropathologists, neuroscientists, plant biologists, systems biologists, and yeast geneticists.  All of the $1.8K funds go to support our trainees over the next 6 years who move through each other’s laboratories to ask in collaboration:  Does the neurolipidome represent the missing metabolic link determining our susceptibility or resistance to neurodegenerative disease?  Join us.

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