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Awards of Excellence 2007

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Since 1990, the Faculty of Medicine Awards of Excellence recognize students, professors and support staff who have given evidence of outstanding achievement or contribution to the Faculty in research, scholarship, education or other contributions to the life of the Faculty.

This year’s recipients include:

2007 Awards of Excellence

These prizes can be given to teachers, administrators, as well as technical and support staff. Their purpose is to officially recognize the exceptional contributions of some of our employees who have distinguished themselves in the context of their work.

Mr. Dave Armstrong
Dr. Manon Denis-Leblanc
Dr. Michèle Tremblay

2007 Young Professor Award

The Young Professor Award is presented annually to an individual having completed no more than seven years as a Faculty member, and who has made outstanding contributions to research and education.

Dr. Martin Holcik

2007 Mentoring Award

This prize is given to a first-rate mentor who has coached, shouldered and encouraged students and colleagues in the areas of teaching, research, clinical work and administration.

Dr. William Hogg

2007 André Péloquin Memorial Award for Excellence in Clinical Education

The André Péloquin Memorial Award will go to an outstanding clinical educator in either the francophone or anglophone stream of undergraduate or postgraduate medical education. Having passed away in March of 2004, Dr. Péloquin was recognized by his colleagues for his great humanity and his devotion to his patients.

Dr. Lyall Higginson


Nicole Bégin-Heick - Master of Ceremonies

Dr. Nicole Bégin-Heick

Nicole Bégin-Heick holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from McGill University. She also received a bachelor’s degree from Université Laval and a master’s degree from Cornell University. She also pursued postdoctoral studies at the University of Toronto and Duke University.

She was Assistant and Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Laval between 1968 and 1972. She is now Professor Emerita of Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa where since 1972 she was Associate and then Full Professor of Biochemistry; Vice-Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) in the Faculty of Health Sciences, which included Medicine and the other Health Professions (1987-1989); and Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (1989-1994). She was appointed Executive Director of the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies and of the Ontario Council on University Research at the Council of Ontario Universities [COU] (1994-1999); her responsibilities included the management of the Appraisal Process for graduate programs and the establishment and management of the Audit Process for undergraduate programs and coordinating research policy for COU. In 2004-05, she returned briefly to the University of Ottawa as Acting Associate Vice-President (Research). She has been a member of both the MRC and NSERC Councils and was a member of several of their committees as well as serving on boards and committees for numerous other national and provincial bodies. 

As a research scientist, she published numerous refereed papers and research communications in the area of membrane biology and cellular control processes, her research was funded by MRC, NSERC and the Canadian Diabetes Association.

A consultant since 1999, she has worked with the three federal granting agencies (CIHR, SSHRC and NSERC), Health Canada, the Canada Research Chairs Program, the Canada Foundation for Innovations, provincial governments, academic associations, and universities.


Dr. Constant Nucci - Guest Speaker

Dr. NucciDr. Constant Nucci was born in Montreal where he achieved his BA from McGill University in 1951.  After attending McGill, Dr. Nucci came to the University of Ottawa for his medical degree, graduating in 1956.  Following his graduation, he started as an intern at St. Mary’s Hospital in Montreal, where he went on to become the Chief of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. In l986, Dr Nucci was appointed as St. Mary’s Hospital’s Director-General where he remained until he retired in July of 1996.  In August of 1996, St. Mary’s dedicated a “father-friendly” maternity ward after Dr. Nucci.

Dr. Nucci has held several university appointments during his career, mostly at McGill University, but also at Concordia University and University of Toronto.

Dr. Nucci is presently a member of St. Mary’s Hospital Centre Board of Governors.
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