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Claudine Séguin

Division of Clinical & Functional Anatomy
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Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy

The Anatomy Division functions as unit within the Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine. Our overriding mandate is excellence and leadership in teaching the anatomical sciences in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa. In our view, Anatomy is one of the most important basic science disciplines to teach well in a medical school. The anatomical sciences are a gateway to the clinical world for medical and health science students. Through its study they will understand the rich tapestry of structures to be encountered in every patient, while appreciating at the same time the variability that each individual possesses. The study of Anatomy introduces students to the specialized vocabulary of medicine, and helps them to begin to deal with issues of death that are inevitable in clinical practice.

What do we do?

We teach the anatomical sciences to undergraduate medical and health science students, using lecture and laboratory sessions that are supplemented with a rich array of multimedia learning resources that we have developed in collaboration with the MedEd group. We also work with post-graduate resident training programs in the Ottawa Hospital and continuing medical education (CME) groups to provide anatomy resources for their valuable sessions.

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