Department of Innovation in Medical Education

Over the past several years, DIME has had a tremendous impact on clinicians and medical education researchers in Ottawa and across Canada. Through our open, accessible and collaborative program, we are able to meet the needs of every individual who comes to us with ideas for innovation and scholarship in healthcare education.

Since 2009, DIME has provided in-depth training to 89 faculty members through our Healthcare Education Scholars Program and 24 individuals through our Education Research Fellowship. During that same time, we have provided $733,390 in seed funding for research projects in healthcare education. In addition, our learners can take advantage of the FEAST program (Foundational Elements for Applied Simulation Training), which we run in collaboration with the uOSSC, as well as a graduate degree program in Health Professions Education, awarded in collaboration with the Faculty of Education.

The resources flowing to these programs allowed us to produce 95 published papers since 2009, generating significant impact in the field and promoting our faculty nationally and internationally. We have also been invited to speak at numerous universities, conferences and meetings around the world.


Stanley J. Hamstra,
PhD Director Academy for Innovation in Medical Education

Last Updated: August 25, 2014

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