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About Us

Who we are

The Faculty of Medicine is one of six medical schools in Ontario and of 17 in Canada. It is the only bilingual school in North America that teaches medicine in both official languages. As with all Ontario medical schools since 1998, the undergraduate student body at uOttawa has grown substantially-from 84 students in 1998 to 135 in 2005.

Whom we teach

Our students have the widest geographical representation with the highest proportion coming from smaller and rural communities. We are the only Ontario school that exceeds the 62/38 specialty/family medicine split. Of the six Ontario schools, uOttawa has the highest proportion of students electing to pursue family medicine as a career and the highest percentage of family physicians and specialty graduates who practice in small and rural communities.

What we do

The Faculty has seven research institutes-all in partnership with our teaching hospitals. Our research grants have grown to over $112M annually. We are the host of the Canadian Stroke and the Stem Cell Networks of Excellence. uOttawa ranks fifth nationally for Canadian Health Institutes of Research grant support-a demonstration of our quality research. We are also the first medical school in Canada to make extensive use of technology in the classroom, which has granted our e-curriculum international recognition.

How we do it

By integrating with the local medical community through partnerships and affiliations we can deliver higher quality health care, cutting edge research and provide a better educational experience for our students. We are committed to creating an environment that will embrace new ideas and explore emerging areas of research. This is critical to the future success of our faculty, our students, and medicine in Canada.

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