We offer a safe environment where you can seek guidance and support.
We are here to support you in aspects of your life.
We will help you examine your options, assess yourself and strategize about your career!
We can help you manage stress related to financial responsibilities.
Enjoy a change of pace and learn evidence-based transformative skills when you attend our workshops!
We strive to help you maintain a healthy and positive balance.
We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all students.
Let us connect you with some of your peers and physician mentors who can help you navigate through medical school.
Our Services

Welcome to the Student Affairs Office

Whether you are a new or returning student, we’re here for you!

Our goal is to support you in order for you to achieve personal and professional success during your medical studies at the University of Ottawa.

Visit the site and you will discover a comprehensive program of services and resources to help you maintain a healthy and positive life balance.

Better yet, come to see us in the office.

Our door is always open!

Our Services

The Student Affairs Office is here to support you throughout your studies in the medical program at the University of Ottawa.

We offer a comprehensive program of services which include:


Services - Counselling

  Student Support

Services - Student Support

Please come see us if you require any other type of assistance. We will be pleased to guide you to the appropriate service.