The SIM website

1. Introduction

What is the Society, the Individual, and Medicine (SIM) curriculum?

2. Website Navigation

There are three main ways to navigate the site:

1. By Themes or Topics.  

The SIM curriculum covers four main themes (they are color-coded):
     Public Health, Preventive Medicine & Population Health
     Research Methods, Epidemiology & Evidence-Based Medicine
     Health Services & Humanities in Medicine
     Health of Special Populations
Each contains sub-themes, forming mini-courses. Click on above to access all of them.

2. Search by the Index. To find a particular topic, the lists all of the SIM pages.

3. Search by weekly timetable: The timetable logo link shows weekly topics with learning objectives and embedded links to content pages.

We also include self-test questions (mostly multiple-choice questions). You can also access these from the Alphabetical Index, under "Self-test questions".