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Alexandra Sloan Jeffrey
Radiation Oncology

The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
501 Smyth Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 8L6 Canada

Tel: 613-737-7700 ext. 70196
Fax: 613-247-3511

Resident Education

Academic Afternoons

Academic half-days are held every Wednesday in Room C 2363 from 1:15-5:00pm.

Academic half-day has 3 different components:

  1. Treatment planning (1:15-2:30pm) - these sessions are primarily run by residents with site-specific staff present for discussion/questions. Each week a different case is presented by a resident and the focus is on treatment planning issues (e.g patient set-up, treatment volumes, dose/fractionation, beams etc). Link to PDF (Treatment Planning schedule)

  2. Physics/Radiobiology (2:30-3:30pm) - this session rotates annually with either a physics course or radiobiology course. Didactic lectures are given. Evaluations are done through assignments (34), a midterm quiz and final exam. Passing this exam is mandatory. Each resident will have the opportunity to take each course twice throughout their residency. Link to PDF (Schedule and/or lectures and assignments)

  3. Multidisciplinary Oncology Teaching sessions (3:30-5:00pm) - this session is done along with Medical Oncology residents. This course typically runs over a two year period and aims to cover all pertinent sites of oncology (e.g. breast, GU, head and neck etc). Lectures are given by oncologists (medical and radiation), surgeons, radiologists and pathologists. Link to PDF (Schedule and lectures)

Self Directed Leaning

Pertinent websites about oncology:

Residents Retreat

The residents host a yearly retreat for residents and radiation oncologists away from the hospital setting with a focus on relaxation and learning.

Radiation Oncology Resident Retreat 2014 group photo

Radiation Oncology Resident Retreat 2014

Research Day

Radiation oncology residents have the opportunity to present their research projects at the Annual Radiology Research Day and the Radiation Oncology Residents' Research Rounds. All residents taking part in research are encouraged to participate. A small award is presented on the basis of research merit.

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