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What is carotid stenting?

Carotid stenting is a relatively new procedure that involves the placement of a stent inside a narrowed artery of your neck (carotid artery). First, under X-ray (fluoroscopic) guidance, a small balloon is inflated inside the narrowed artery (see What is angioplasty?). Then, the balloon is inflated which allows the artery to return to its near original diameter. Finally, a cylindrical perforated metal tube, the stent, is placed inside the artery. The stent will help keep the artery open.

How do I prepare for the procedure? 

The procedure will be preceded by a visit to the clinic where you will be seen by the interventional neuroradiologist performing the procedure. Here, you will receive detailed information on how to prepare, such as do's and don'ts. There will be a separate visit with the anaesthetist who will be present during the placement of the carotid stent. The anaesthetist will monitor your medical well being during the throughout the procedure.

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