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Computed Tomography

Computed tomography is an imaging technique which uses x-rays to gather information in two dimensional slices. CT imaging gives the neuroradiologist an opportunity to view the brain and spinal cord in slices.

The patient lies on a flat table which is positioned within the CT scanner. The CT unit will produce an image of the area that is being scanned. This image can then be examined for pathlogical changes in the nervous system and also the bones of skull and spine.

Computed Tomography Unit

Cross-sectional slices calculated by computed tomography are shown below: 

  1. Cross-sectional image of brain
    Cross-sectional image of brain

  2. Cross-sectional slice of face and eyes
    Cross-sectional slice of face and eyes

  3. Sagittal reconstruction of cervical spine
    Sagittal reconstruction of cervical spine

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