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Avril D'Silva

University of Ottawa Cardiac Radiology Fellowship

Fellowship Director: Dr. Carole Dennie,  MD, FRCPC, Professor - Radiology
Fellowship Coordinator: Avril D’Silva adsilva@toh.on.ca


The University of Ottawa offers a one year Cardiac MR/Cardiac CT fellowship. Approximately 350-500 Cardiac MR’s and 1500 -2000 cardiac CT’s are performed per year.


  1. Dr. Carole Dennie – Associate Professor, Radiologist with fellowship in Cardiothoracic Imaging (STR and NASCI member) to provide training in Cardiac CT and Cardiac MR including aorta.

  2. Dr. Ben Chow – Assistant Professor, Cardiologist with additional training in Cardiac CT to provide training in Cardiac CT.

The two physicians will work closely together to ensure the clinical and academic success of all trainees


Residents having completed an accredited residency in Diagnostic Radiology and having passed the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or ABR or equivalent exams and wishing to pursue an academic career in Cardiac Radiology.


  • To develop a detailed knowledge of cardiac anatomy, cardiac hemodynamics, exercise physiology, standard cardiovascular pharmacology, echocardiography and rest and stress electrocardiography

  • To develop the ability to protocol, supervise and interpret cardiac CT and cardiac MR

  • To develop a detailed working knowledge of the 3D workstations used in conjunction with the scanners

  • To demonstrate the ability to teach the technicians, residents and other staff

  • To participate in daily/weekly, monthly work rounds

  • To develop and complete at least one research project, present at one (or more) national or international meeting(s) and to publish at least one paper in a peer-reviewed journal

The successful candidate will also be required to observe a minimum of 50 coronary angiograms with CTA correlation as well as 100 echocardiograms and participate in the interpretation of these studies. The candidate will also be required to complete the ACLS course.

Weekly Schedule

The candidate will spend 3 days per week in Cardiac CT and one day in Cardiac MR. One day per week will be dedicated to research.


4 weeks

Conference Leave

One week (expenses paid if candidate is presenting at the meeting)

Evaluation Progcess

Assessment will be ongoing with the training supervisors and a formal evaluation will be provided every 3 months.

Application Deadline:

Academic Year 2018-19 - September 30, 2016

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