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Teaching Skills Attainment Award 2015-2016

Please join us in wishing congratulations to the recipients of this year's Teaching Skills Attainment Award (TSAA) awards. Their dedication to continued training in teaching skills and educational scholarship embodies the mission at the Faculty of Medicine: "we teach to heal".

Congratulations to our recent TSAA recipients on behalf of the TSAA Committee and the Office of CPD.

The Teaching Skills Attainment Award (TSAA) recognizes the pursuit of excellence in teaching.

Teaching Skills Attainment Award (Level I)

  • Dr. Margaret Gluszynski – Department of Family Medicine

  • Dr. Katherine Larivière – Department of Family Medicine

  • Dr. Krista Wooller – Department of Medicine and Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Diedre Young – Department of Family Medicine

Teaching Skills Attainment Award with Merit (Level II)

  • Dr. Hugh McMillan – Department of Pediatrics

Teaching Skills Attainment Award with Distinction (Level III)

  • Dr. Thierry Daboval – Department of Pediatrics

  • Dr. Safaa El Bialy - Department of Innovation in Medical Education

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